Heemtuin De Heimanshof

Heemtuin De Heimanshof - Vierhouten

N 52.32928832752 / E 5.82583772

The Heimanshof botanical garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the Netherlands: it dates from 1935. The Heimanshof is a Veluwe landscape garden where plants are collected that grow naturally on the Veluwe. The terrain, which measures about a football pitch, is divided into biotopes, so that specific plants have the optimum soil.

What can you find there? Beech and oak hedges, conifers, ferns, a heather mound, bluegrass meadow, a flower meadow, a loam pit, a rye field and a marsh. A brook meanders through the garden, as you often see in the Veluwe forests. The stream ends in a large pond with an island. In short, all the natural beauty of the Veluwe in one garden. Well worth the trip!

The garden is located on the campsite De Paasheuvel. You can follow the signs from the campsite reception. The garden is freely accessible, but you may have to lift the latch of the gate yourself.


Heemtuin De Heimanshof
't Frusselt 30
8076 RE Vierhouten

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The garden is freely accessible.

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