Cycle routes in the Netherlands

Fietsroutes Nederland

Junctions cycle routes in the Netherlands

Are you planning on cycling a bicycle route? Choose one of our routes and discover the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands. From Cadzand to Bad Nieuweschans and from Texel to Vaals: there are always some nice cycling routes in between that will take you unexpectedly along beautiful areas. With a wide variety of cycling routes you can also find a cycling route in the Netherlands.


Cycle routes in Holland

Choose what your route will look like

At, you decide for yourself what your route will look like. Find a free Dutch bicycle route and select the Pit stops  you want to add. Thanks to us, you don't have to search for a long time to find beautiful Pit stops near your route. We've already mapped them out for you and shown them next to your route. So you decide what your bike ride will look like. This is how you create your personal cycling route.

Expand route with three-digit nodes

The file of the moments of Pit Stops is expanded daily. We also try to keep you informed about all the beautiful places and cycling routes in the Dutch cycling network. We are expanding the Dutch cycling network with these Pit Stops. We will give the disembarkation moments a three-digit number that matches the closest cycling junctions. The Pit Stops can be recognized by the bicycle network window sticker and the original certificate.

An extensive choice of routes

In the Netherlands it is wonderful cycling, there are many beautiful regions to discover through cycling routes. You do not have to go abroad to see beautiful things and completely unwind. This is also possible when you get on your bike in our little country. That is why we are busy developing new junction routes for you every day. Sometimes on the basis of a nice theme and sometimes a tour that we think will make you happy.

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