Junction Routes

Knooppuntenroute fietsen

A junction route from Fietsnetwerk.nl

For most people, a junction route has become an established concept. Most cycle routes are nowadays designed according to the junction system. In this way they bring you to the most beautiful spots in a simple way. Yet we found at Fietsnetwerk that a junction route is not complete without the most beautiful moments on the way. That's why we've added many places of interest, restaurants and many more beautiful Pit Stops to ensure that each route is unique. Because you can add these moments on our website and on our Bicycle Network App to each cycle route, you can compose your own personal cycle route.

Cycle routes in Holland

Your personal junction route

We have put together a lot of junction routes for you, from Texel to South Limburg. You can expand these basic routes along cycle junctions yourself with all kinds of sights, museums, windmills, restaurants, and many more beautiful starting points. These moments of disembarkation are 'junction holders' and have been given their own 3-digit number. They are all located near the junction route. You can easily add to your route what you find interesting and create your own personal cycling route! Each cycle route becomes a unique route that you can cycle over and over again and still experience a new route. We would love to hear how you experienced the route, so don't forget to leave a review with the route on the website. So cycle with Fietsnetwerk.nl.

Experience the unique Pit stops

These sights or restaurants near the cycle route are the three-digit nodes. So these nodes are great starting points along the way. You can easily add the three-digit junctions via our website Fietsnetwerk.nl, but also via our cycling junctions app! This brand new app makes cycling your cycling route a unique experience. While cycling on a route of your choice, you will receive a message at each node. You can then immediately see if there are any nice sights or restaurants nearby. Do you find a three-digit node interesting? Then you can view the route on your mobile phone, after which you will immediately see the exact route to this node. Would you rather continue cycling? The next node of the node route is also immediately visible on your mobile phone. For even more information you can click on 'How it works' and you will see how you can make your route more interesting, fun or tasty with one click.

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