Cheese farm De Vierhuizen

Cheese farm De Vierhuizen - Zoeterwoude

N 52.0982393 / E 4.4929277

Caring for nature is central to us. For example, our grasslands are extensively controlled, i.e. they are only lightly fertilized or not at all. In addition, the number of cows per hectare is very low. They graze on natural grasslands where many different herbs grow amongst the grass, which provide more and different types of minerals than grass. That way, our ladies consume a lot of extra minerals without even noticing!
Kaasboerderij de Vierhuizen is a small, organic family business. It’s a dairy farm with approx. 45 dairy cows, 30 calves and yearlings, and 10 ewes (mother sheep). Some of the milk is used to produce a special, top-quality farmhouse cheese on our farm. This cheese is sold under our own quality mark (Wilde Weide Kaas) to restaurants and cheese shops. There is also a small shop on the farm. The company pays a lot of attention to nature management and offers several small-scale, extensive recreational opportunities.

Cheese farm De Vierhuizen

Cheese farm De Vierhuizen
Geerweg 5
2381 LT Zoeterwoude

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T: 0715801415

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