Wodan Oaks of Wolfheze

Wodan Oaks of Wolfheze - Wolfheze

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On the Wolfhezerheide there are five twisting Wodan Oaks. These old, mysterious oaks were often the source of inspiration for supernatural powers attributed to this place. But modern engineers in the 19th century who were busy constructing the railway did not believe in this, of course.

In the harsh winter of 1890, some men were working along the track at night. They were planning to plant a tree on Rijksstraatweg, beyond Planken Wambuis. Around 01:30, they suddenly saw a strange light appearing in the distance. At first they thought it was a locomotive coming towards them with only one light. That was strange. At the deep melting water gully in front of the Rijersheide, the light suddenly came closer and dived into the tunnel. They quickly went to the other end of the tunnel, but nothing appeared. A bit frightened, they decided to go into the tunnel not in the dark, but the next day. They found nothing.

Now every inhabitant of Wolfheze knows that they did not see a train, but the burning shepherd of Wolfheze. He had deliberately set his farm and sheepfold on fire, but when he had to appear in court for this, he denied and broke his sacred oath with the words: 'If I lie, may my soul continue to wander around like a burning sheaf' (aka burning straw). Now he walks around eternally burning between Wolfheze, the Planken Wambuis and Arnhem...

Wodan Oaks of Wolfheze

Wodan Oaks of Wolfheze
Duitsekampweg 45
6874 BV Wolfheze

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