The trapped hunter
The trapped hunter

The trapped hunter - Hoog Soeren

N 52.2065839 / E 5.8598848

On the edge of the forest, along what is now called the Pomphulweg, there used to be a beautiful farm. The farmers couple only had one son whom they unfortunately spoiled a bit too much. He did nothing on the farm, but went out every day to hunt with his dogs. That might not have mattered as much when his parents were in their prime, but as they got older they kept asking the boy to roll up his sleeves. In vain, the boy whistled his dogs and left for the forest.

Even when his father was dying, he continued to hunt day after day. His parents begged him to stay home one day, because they felt that the old farmer would not survive that day. But the boy left resentfully. His father called after him, "Watch my words, son! You who think you are a hunter will be a prisoner of what you loved to do forever. " The farmer died that night. The earth swallowed up the farm and everything in it, so that the son could no longer find his house. Anyone who goes through the forest here at night will hear him beg for mercy. But the forest shudders, his dogs howl like werewolves and he never finds peace ...

The trapped hunter
The trapped hunter

The trapped hunter
7346 AC Hoog Soeren

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