The Hooge Duvel

The Hooge Duvel - Uddel

N 52.266042 / E 5.833605

This former gamekeeper's dwelling is centrally located in Het Loo crown estate, in the village of Uddel. The Hoge Duvel is not just any old place; an exciting story took place here long ago. The Veluwe legend 'De Hooge Duvel en de Rooie Heg' tells of an evil spirit.

There were stories about the 'Hooge Duvel': the tormentor 'Ossaert' who used to torment the neighbourhood. A holy monk had banished the tormentor to the 'Hoge Duvel' where he had to stay for 99 years. He was not allowed to go any further than this hill. A farmhand didn't believe this. Once he had to ride a horse through the dark forest at night and wanted to see for himself what was true. He called out the infamous saying: 'Griepke, griepke grauw. If you want me, grab me quick!' Soon a flame rose from the road and he was chased by a large black shadow. Fortunately he managed to escape and was soon enough with his horse at the end of the mountain. The Ossaert could go no further.

The servant breathed a sigh of relief and laughed at the evil spirit. But he had cheered too soon: from the bushes appeared werewolves with luminous green eyes. He galloped his horse as fast as he could and just in time reached the safe farmhouse and blocked the door so that nobody and nothing could get in. He reassured his faithful horse, fed it and went to bed himself. The next morning when he woke up and looked into the stable, he saw his horse lying dead on the straw. The spirits had taken the beast after all...

Fortunately, in recent years we no longer hear about the evil spirit of the Ossaert, so you can rest here without worry on the nearby bench. But to be on the safe side, you'd better not shout 'Griepke, griepke grauw' here!

The Hooge Duvel

The Hooge Duvel
De Hoge Duvel 2
3888 MZ Uddel

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