Stakenberg | Outdoor playground & watchtower - Elspeet

N 52.330362 / E 5.774269

The Stakenberg used to be a small hill on which a boundary post was placed. The pole formed the border between the fields of Hierden, Elspeet and Hulshorst. This information was found in writings from 1730. Three boundary posts remain in this area.

A number of archaeological traces can be seen on the Stakenbergerheide, including burial mounds and old cart tracks. Who knows, you might see it again from the watchtower, which you will find behind the large playground. On the heathland, there is a rare stretch of juniper forest. The Stakenbergerheide is also the location of the endangered plant species the ground star.

At the playground, children can let off steam on the swings, the cable car and more. The many benches and picnic tables provide plenty of lovely places for a break.

The Stakenbergerweg that you cycle along has a sinister origin. The road was largely constructed by Jews and labourers from the De Bruine Enk labour camp during the Second World War.


Stakenberg | Outdoor playground & watchtower
Stakenbergweg 86
8075 RH Elspeet

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To be visited between sunrise and sunset.

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