Sint Jan Deinum

Sint Jan Deinum - Deinum

N 53.1924108 / E 5.723097

The north wall of the Sint Jan, or Saint John the Baptist Church, is partly made of tuff. They are probably recycled stones from an older church.

The construction history of the current building starts in the 13th century, but the tower, with its onion-shaped spire, is about three centuries younger. It would have been a close call if this spire had disappeared. In 1923, the church guardians decided to demolish the spire because there was no money to restore it. Thanks to various actions, enough money was brought in to maintain this crowning achievement of the tower.

Sint Jan Deinum

Sint Jan Deinum
Tsjerkepaed 3
9033 WT Deinum

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T: 0341-769098

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