Pleisterplaats - Leiderdorp

N 52.1539174 / E 4.537875

The artwork 'the Pleisterplaats' is a large table with the winding line of the limes, the border and defense zone of the Roman Empire. Along the limes you can see a still life of crockery from the Roman era, the early Middle Ages and now. You for example, find a plastic storage container next to a storage jar from the Iron Age. The Pleisterplaats is inspired by the archaeological discoveries in the municipality of Leiderdorp.

There are also mugwort leaves between the crockery. This is an herb that was used by the Romans in their sandals against tired and sore feet. Artist Frank Halmans made the table in such a way that passers-by can see where they are in relation to the limes. Past and present come together at the Pleisterplaats.


Willem-alexanderlaan 1
2351 CR Leiderdorp

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T: +31715166000

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