Molen de Weert

Molen de Weert - Meppel

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Molen De Weert, also called Eekmolen or De Reest, is located on the north side of the river De Reest, and was built according to the fa├žade stone in 1807. This mill was the most important eek or run mill for the tannery industries in Meppel. The eekmolen was an octagonal scaffolding mill on a stone base. Initially the mill was designed as a run and peel mill, later a couple of millstones were added. Around the mill were three wooden barns, which were originally used for the storage of oak bark. Demand for crushed oak bark fell sharply, and the establishment of the Cooperative Agricultural Bank also took a great deal of work out of the mill. The Eekmolen was shut down in 1937. Although the mill was still in good condition at that time, due to the high maintenance and insurance costs it was largely demolished in that year. The wooden barns were demolished and all that remained was the stone substructure. This situation remained the same until 1997. In 1992 the Welzijn Meppel Foundation became the owner of the substructure of the mill; the foundation used it as a storage place for the youth activities during the summer months. In 1993 they investigated the possibility of converting the substructure of the mill into a rehearsal space for the pop collective Xodus. But making the hull completely soundproof proved to be too expensive. An alternative was demolition, but it was concluded that there was another option: reconstruction into a working windmill. In 1994 Stichting Welzijn Meppel presented its idea to rebuild De Eekmolen by handing over an extensive restoration plan. The rebuilding of the mill was considered very possible because of the support offered from various sides and they even found an appropriate octagon, that of the Schuilenburger Molen from Hellendoorn. The plans were well received and they went to work. On May 13, 2000 the mill was officially inaugurated. At the moment the mill is only in operation as a corn mill. The two old bricks are still in and outside the mill.

Molen de Weert

Molen de Weert
Weerdstraat 78
7941 XH Meppel

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