Mill the Zaandplatte

Mill the Zaandplatte - Ruinen

N 52.7715163 / E 6.3654744

In the former municipality of Ruinen a total of 13 mills, of which 11 corn mills, have stood over the years. Only the corn mill De Zaandplatte has been preserved. Research has shown that the mill, which at the time was on the Hoogeveensche vaart, dates from 1789 or earlier. We know this by means of maps and names of millers. In 1962, the municipality of Ruinen purchased the mill (a ground sailor) from the then owner, who was no longer able to maintain the mill. The mill was demolished and moved to its current location. In 1964, the rebuilding of the mill as a 'beltmolen' was completed and it was given the name 'De Zaandplatte' (The Zaandplatte). From 1964 to 1991 the mill was used as a summerhouse. The mill had sails and in the mill there was a grinding chair with all wheels further up, but the mill did not turn in those years. That was not possible either, because the trees were growing through the sails at a certain point. In 1989 there was a rumour that the mill would be turned into a pancake restaurant. As a reaction to this, the Friends of the Ruiner Mill Foundation De Zaandplatte was founded in 1990 with the aim of preserving the mill and restoring it back to its original state.

Mill the Zaandplatte

Mill the Zaandplatte
Engeland 9
7963 PW Ruinen

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