Mill de Fortuin

Mill de Fortuin - Hattem

N 52.475341 / E 6.066608

The mill is beautifully situated on the ramparts of the old town. Already in the 16th century there was a stand mill on this spot, which was blown down in 1808. The current mill was built in 1816, probably as a low wooden scaffolding mill with continuous styles that stood on low puddles. Due to the risk of fire, the hull could not be covered with reed, but with horizontal wooden planks. In 1852 Klaas Blom bought the now somewhat dilapidated mill and extended the stone substructure in such a way that it became possible to drive in with a horse and cart. Hence the memorial stone with the year 1852 above the entrance door.

In 1924 a gas engine of 20 hp was installed, which was in operation until 1939 at least. The engine stood on the ground at the place where a large electric motor now stands. Possibly the placement of the motor was a reason to close the back doors of the canal. In 1967 the mill became the property of the municipality of Hattem, which ensured its preservation. In 1971, in 1985 and in 1991 the mill underwent major restorations. The ground flour of this mill is partly used as cattle feed and partly for baking demonstrations in the Hattemse Bakkerijmuseum.

Mill de Fortuin

Mill de Fortuin
Molenbelt 5
8051 EV Hattem

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T: 06-16390494

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