Lekpoort Vianen

Lekpoort - Vianen

N 51.9959941 / E 5.0918535

The Lekpoort is the last city gate of Vianen that is still standing. Until the 19th century, this gate, together with the Oostpoort and the Landpoort, was the entrance to the walled city center. In the 14th century, the gate consists of only a simple passage with two towers. Around 1500, the gate is built as it is now, with two floors.

Just above the gate is the gatekeeper's residence. Above it was once the prison and at the very top, one could use the attic as a viewpoint. The clock in the spire, created in 1647 by François Hemony, not only indicates the time, but was also used as a distress signal in the event of fire and danger.

Lekpoort Vianen

Voorstraat 2
4132 AR Vianen

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