Vestingstad Woerden

Fortress Woerden - Woerden

N 52.085413 / E 4.887963

As early as in 41 AD, the castellum Laurium was built on a natural elevation. This Roman army base on the northern border of the Roman Empire was the beginning of what is now Woerden. In 1160, the Bishop of Utrecht had a fortification built near the settlement of Worden (as Woerden was then called) to keep out the Count of Holland.

Slowly but surely, the city was fortified by moats and ramparts. In 1275, Floris V built a castle and in 1372 Woerden received city rights. With the construction of the Old Holland Waterline, Woerden became a fortified town.

Vestingstad Woerden

Fortress Woerden
3441 BZ Woerden

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T: +31348745492

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