Fort Nigtevecht
Fort Nigtevecht
Fort Nigtevecht

Fort Nigtevecht - Abcoude

N 52.274958 / E 5.011337

Hidden in the green, the Fort near Nigtevecht is situated on a quiet road near the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. In and around this fortress, nature is central. You can walk and enjoy the different species in the area such as the great crested grebe and the small reed warbler.

The Fort near Nigtevecht was built to defend the accesses formed by the Merwedekanaal (now the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal) and the Vecht. It also protected the locks between these waters. A special feature of the fortress are the two restored buildings that used to house the lifting domes. The turrets were removed by the Germans in 1940 and melted down for the production of weapons. There is a memorial on the fort. Here the deceased can be commemorated. You can also make a memorial yourself. The photo of the memorial is by Nienke Meek, the corridor is photographed by Wim te Brake.

Fort Nigtevecht
Fort Nigtevecht
Fort Nigtevecht

Fort Nigtevecht
Velterslaan 1
1391 HV Abcoude

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The fort is freely accessible to walkers.

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