Estate 't Enzerinck

Estate 't Enzerinck - Vorden

N 52.1212479 / E 6.32081089999997

Already in 1378 't Enzerinck is mentioned. The property changes owner several times and in 1835 it becomes the property of Mr. Constantin Arnaud Ernest Adrien van Panhuys, who was married to Charlotte Everdina Winanda Staring, daughter of the famous poet Antoni Christiaan Winand Staring. Between 1836 and 1838, this couple had the current country house built in a neoclassical style. On the occasion of the commissioning, mr. Staring an extensive poem for the house.

"A beautiful palace is created by shrill jubilation. A youthful forest emerges and greets the morning. "After it changed owners several times, Enzerinck has been used as a care home since the Second World War. In 1986 the estate was sold in parts. The park forest became the property of Natuurmonumenten, the various buildings were again privately inhabited. The historic park layout consists of driveways, a landscape park, vegetable garden, forest, meadows and fields.

The country house and the immediate vicinity are not accessible. You can see the so-called Grandfather's house: a house that the estate owner built for his grandchildren in 1920.

Estate 't Enzerinck

Estate 't Enzerinck
Almenseweg 60
7251 HS Vorden

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Not to be visited on Dag van het Kasteel (Castle Day). House and immediate vicinity not to visit.

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