(Eatery) de Waag
(Eatery) de Waag
(Eatery) de Waag

(Eatery) de Waag - Schoonhoven

N 51.9469074 / E 4.8515971

Schoonhoven first had a dare in 1356, where flax and hemp products were weighed. In 1518, the first dare was destroyed by fire. The current dare was built in 1617 and then immediately made bigger. Nowadays there is an eatery here (since 1971).

(Eatery) de Waag
(Eatery) de Waag
(Eatery) de Waag

(Eatery) de Waag
Dam 9
2871 CS Schoonhoven

Contact details
T: 0182-382959
E: dewaag@eethuisdewaag.nl

Opening hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:30 - 23:45
Wednesday 10:30 - 23:45
Thursday 10:30 - 23:45
Friday 10:30 - 23:45
Saturday 10:30 - 23:45
Sunday 10:30 - 23:45
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