City Oudewater

City Oudewater - Oudewater

N 52.023716 / E 4.873401

When you enter the centre of Oudewater, you imagine yourself in the early Golden Age. The time when the city centre was completely rebuilt, because Oudewater was totally destroyed by the Spanish armies in 1575. At the Free States Assembly in Dordrecht (1572), the city had explicitly opted for Stadholder William of Orange, and she was not thanked for that. Fortunately, thanks to the rich rope industry, the line-turners were able to rebuild the destroyed city within a few decades. The facades still reflect the wealth of the line-turners. Incidentally, the Oudewater strings owe their nickname to the rope industry. When the ropes were made, the rope was wrapped around the waist, which left a yellow print on the belly. That is why the Oudewater strings are still called 'yellow bellies'. Step into the centre of Oudewater and you will immediately see the beautiful market. Just sit down on one of the many terraces and look out on the numerous facades.

City Oudewater

City Oudewater
Markt Oostzijde
3421 SN Oudewater

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