Buitenplaats 't Enzerinck

Buitenplaats 't Enzerinck - Vorden

N 52.1212479 / E 6.32081089999997

Already in 1378 it was called Enzerinck. The current country house was built between 1836 and 1838 in neoclassical style. From the Second World War the country house was used as a care home. In 1986 the estate was sold in parts. The park forest became the property of Natuurmonumenten, the various buildings were once again privately inhabited.

Buitenplaats 't Enzerinck

Buitenplaats 't Enzerinck
Almenseweg 60
7251 HS Vorden

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E: kastelen@fietsnetwerk.nl

Niet te bezoeken op Dag van het Kasteel. Huis en directe omgeving niet te bezoeken.

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