Kapel Bronkhorst
Bronkhorst chapel

Bronkhorst chapel - Bronkhorst

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The chapel is the literal centre of Bronkhorst. Gijsbrecht van Bronckhorst founded the chapel in 1344, as is written in a deed from that year. The document already mentions a 're-founded chapel', indicating that the current chapel already had a predecessor.

In 1633, a town fire raged in Bronkhorst, damaging the chapel. In 1636, the little church was repaired and two years later it received its current swinging bell.

Nevertheless, the chapel fell into disrepair in the 18th century. As religious services were no longer held in it, the building even served as a warehouse for a while. After that, it served as a school for a while. It was not until 1954 that the local vicar called for the chapel to be converted back into a church where religious services could be held. No sooner said than done.

The church is an important cultural-historical landmark within the small town of Bronkhorst. All the houses were built around the church. Inside, an 18th-century cabinet organ can now be admired, as well as the coats of arms of several noble families from the region. Now, the church is often used as a wedding venue and exhibition space.

Kapel Bronkhorst

Bronkhorst chapel
Kapelstraat 2
7226 LL Bronkhorst

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