Korenmolen De Hoop Bunschoten
Wheat Mill De Hoop Bunschoten

Wheat Mill De Hoop Bunschoten - Bunschoten-Spakenburg

N 52.2430115 / E 5.3728875

We know that there was already a mill in Bunschoten in 1556. The mill was rebuilt regularly in the centuries that followed, the last time in 1899. The then ground-sailer was demolished in that year to make way for a tower mill.

Before coming to Bunschoten, this mill was an oil mill in the Zaan region. Once in Bunschoten, it was converted into a corn mill so that it could be used to grind corn.

In 1912, mechanisation took hold and mill De Hoop fell into disrepair. In the following years, De Hoop was demolished piece by piece until no mill remained.

Fortunately, there was the Botterwerf Spakenburg Foundation, which set up a special foundation to restore the corn mill to its former glory. In 1999, they started collecting income to be able to implement the plans made.

On 30 November 2007, the time had come: construction could begin and in 2009 Bunschoten had a corn mill again. The former horse stable was also rebuilt, which now houses a brasserie. The mill shines again in all its glory as an authentic landmark of the town.

Korenmolen De Hoop Bunschoten

Wheat Mill De Hoop Bunschoten
Stadsspui 2
3752 CL Bunschoten-Spakenburg

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T: 06-52412379
E: molen@monumentenbunschoten.nl

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Open 24 hours
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