Watermill of Oploo

Watermill of Oploo - Oploo

N 51.606321 / E 5.874398

In 1516 the mill belonged to the family of Steenhuys to the Lordship Oploo. The current mill building dates from 1725, the extension from 1780. In the course of time, the mill has been used as an oil, grain and peel mill. Because the stream has a modest water supply, it was only possible to grind during the winter period. By purchasing a windmill in 1800, a greater operational reliability was created. In 1944, the millers Rutten still ground the mill for the bakers of eleven surrounding villages. After the liberation, the watermill was still in use for grinding grain until 1953. In 1969 the mill underwent a restoration and was used as a youth centre. In the garden there are two more battlements to commemorate the former oil-ros mill.

Watermill of Oploo

Watermill of Oploo
Watermolenstraat 2
5841 CT Oploo

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T: 0485-383551
E: info@dhm.nl

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 09:00 - 12:00
Sunday Closed

Only open on the first Saturday of the month.

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