Watchtower Schelphoek

Watchtower Schelphoek - Serooskerke Schouwen

N 51.698429 / E 3.803287

This area is located near Serooskerke. The Schelphoek was created during the flood disaster in 1953. The hole in the dike did not seem too bad, but in the months after the disaster it only got bigger. Around the area a ring dike was built, closed with caissons. The last caisson sticks out above the dike and is an excellent vantage point. Thanks to the salt in the creek, it almost never freezes. Even in winter you will find water birds. There is a good chance that you will see the Little Grebe diving for food.

Watchtower Schelphoek

Watchtower Schelphoek
4675 RB Serooskerke Schouwen

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T: 0000-000000

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Open 24 hours
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