Waardenburg Castle
Waardenburg Castle

Waardenburg Castle - Waardenburg

N 51.8317232 / E 5.2626321

An inner dike fortress, on the (foreland) edge of the Waal, could explain the name. In 1265, a tower was erected and, with intermediate steps, a large, polygonal complex with several towers came into being. Half of this castle was destroyed in the Eighty Years' War. Only the northern part was restored, giving the castle its horseshoe-shaped ground plan. The castles of Waardenburg and Neerijnen eventually came into the hands of Margaretha van Gendt in 1701. Through inheritance both properties then came into the Van Pallandt family of Neerijnen and Waardenburg. The connection is once again expressed in 1922 by Leonard Antonij Springer's design for the park area in between.

Photos: Ton Rothengatter

Stichting Kastelen Buitenplaatsen Landgoederen
Waardenburg Castle
Waardenburg Castle

Waardenburg Castle
G.E.H. Tutein Noltheniuslaan 7
4181 AS Waardenburg

Contact details
T: 026-3552555
E: info@glk.nl

The estate is freely accessible.

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