Vrachelse Heide
Vrachelse Heide

Vrachelse Heide - Oosterhout

N 51.636498633953 / E 4.8239420236577

The Vrachelse Heide is a nature reserve in the municipality of Oosterhout, situated between Oosterhout and Dorst. The area covers some 149 hectares and, despite its name, consists mainly of forest with some heathland, drifting sand and fens here and there.

The Vrachelse Heide is also of cultural-historical importance, as traces of habitation from prehistoric and medieval times have been found in the area. For instance, burial mounds and the remains of settlements have been found.

The Vrachelse Heide is a beautiful piece of nature where you can relax and enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer.

Vrachelse Heide

Vrachelse Heide
Vrachelse Heide
4904 TJ Oosterhout

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