Viewpoint Rottige Meente

Viewpoint Rottige Meente - Nijetrije

N 52.8432945 / E 5.9101792

The beauty of this nature reserve is that it is a lot less accessible than, for example, the Weerribben. This allows you to quietly enjoy nature and the protected animal species that you can encounter here. Even otters come to swim here from the Weerribben. The area originated due to peat cutting and lies between the rivers Tjonger and De Linde. There are also a number of special windmills in the area. We advise you to park your bicycle for a while and walk around the area via the walking paths.

Viewpoint Rottige Meente

Viewpoint Rottige Meente
Pieter Stuyvesantweg 134
8481 JA Nijetrije

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