Van der Valk Hotel
Van der Valk Hotel Sneek

Van der Valk Hotel Sneek - Sneek

N 53.0192604 / E 5.6810696

Want to do something sporty? It is impossible to imagine our landscape without a bicycle. Enjoying the great outdoors, it's a perfect reason to take an active trip.

Van der Valk Hotel Sneek is located on the Mayor's Rasterhoff Park and from the large terrace on the water you have a beautiful view over the meadows. Via a footpath you can reach the waterways, which are connected to the Frisian lakes, a beautiful area to go on the water with a sloop, for example.

Van der Valk Hotel

Van der Valk Hotel Sneek
Burgemeester Rasterhofflaan 1
8606KZ Sneek

Contact details
T: 0515-481818

Opening hours
Open 24 hours
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