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Haastrecht was founded in the 12th century as a settlement at the mouth of the river Vlist in the Hollandsche IJssel. In 1301 Haastrechts was granted city rights and the town was buzzing with activity. Hemp and flax were grown for the production of textiles and rope. There were also at least 13 stone-places in the village. Already in the 14th century stones were made here, for example for the construction of the castle in Gouda. Livestock farming was also an important craft in Haastrecht. The activity continued to grow: in the 18th century more than 600 companies were established there. This artisanal activity and craftsmanship can still be found. There are many family businesses that have been part of the Haastrecht community for many years.

TOP Haastrecht

TOP Haastrecht
2851 VV Haastrecht

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