The Wenum Mill
The Wenum Mill

The Wenum Mill - Wenum-Wiesel

N 52.257565 / E 5.965733

The mill first appeared in written sources from the year 1313 and used to be known as the 'Wenumse Saatmolen'. Around the year 1400 the mill came into the possession of the dukes of Gelderland and was issued on a long lease. After a restoration between 1979 and 1983 the mill came under the management of the Wenumse Watermolen Foundation, which also rents out the spacious hall behind the mill building for weddings and parties, possibly linked to a visit to the watermill. The mill is used to grind cattle feed on a voluntary basis. There is a cycle path along the mill that has been laid out on the route of the former railway line Apeldoorn-Zwolle.

The Wenum Mill

The Wenum Mill
Oude Zwolseweg 160
7345 DG Wenum-Wiesel

Contact details
T: +31625425491

Visits in the even weeks on Wednesday and Saturday 13:30 - 16:00. At other times the watermill can be visited in consultation. Of course you can always view it from the outside.

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