Landgoed Vilsteren
The Vilsteren country estate

The Vilsteren country estate - Vilsteren

N 52.51031 / E 6.3511671

The house from 1908 was built in Neo-Renaissance style. The origin of the estate goes back to the 13th century. In the following centuries, it grew to more than 1000 hectares and even accommodates a complete village, including a beautifully restored mill. Hidden on the estate is a hermitage, a romantic element from the time of the landscape style. Employees of Vilsteren are happy to tell you about the history and current developments on the estate.

Landgoed Vilsteren

The Vilsteren country estate
Vilsterseweg 16
7734 PD Vilsteren

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Not to be visited on Castle Day. The estate is freely accessible; the house and its immediate surroundings are not.

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