The Oosterpoort (Eastern Gate)
The Oosterpoort (Eastern Gate)

The Oosterpoort (Eastern Gate) - Hoorn

N 52.6408399 / E 5.0686145

The Oosterpoort dates from 1578 and in 1601 the little house for the gatekeeper was placed on top. The gate is a model of power and reverence. At the time of the gate's construction, the city was only accessible through four gates. The rest was walled. One of the four gates was the Oosterpoort, the only remaining gate and therefore one of the most prominent monuments in Hoorn.

The heavier the weapons became, the less the gates could withstand them. Earth walls with stone parts could handle these heavier weapons better. This changed the function of the gates and ramparts. The Oosterpoort is a good example of this: it was not built to defend, but mainly to control who wanted to enter and leave Hoorn. In addition, the gate was used to charge toll and excise taxes.

The Oosterpoort (Eastern Gate)
The Oosterpoort (Eastern Gate)

The Oosterpoort (Eastern Gate)
Kleine Oost 41
1621 GR Hoorn

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