The Korenmolen or The Korenbloem

The Korenmolen or The Korenbloem - Eerbeek

N 52.10734 / E 6.072536

The property under the House of Eerbeek has traditionally included a water wheel mill, which is first mentioned in 1395. A map from 1642 shows that the location of the present mill corresponds to that of its 17th-century predecessor, designated "saetmeul", to the southwest of the Eerbeek house. Close to the house was a large yard in which the water of the Eerbeeksebeek was propelled. A remnant of the Wijer is still present as a pond in the park of the current building. The oil mill was last used in 1914. In the autumn of 2007, the mill was put back into operation for oil extraction with hydropower. Actually, both the name De Korenmolen and De Korenbloem are remarkable, because now only the oil mill remains.

The Korenmolen or The Korenbloem

The Korenmolen or The Korenbloem
Kanaalweg 1
6961 LW Eerbeek

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T: +31313651331

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 11:00 - 17:00
Sunday 11:00 - 17:00

open every Saturday between April and October, also every Sunday in July and August.

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