Het Gezicht van Nijmegen
The Face of Nijmegen

The Face of Nijmegen - Nijmegen

N 51.8549883 / E 5.8640241

The fact that Nijmegen was an important city for the Romans in Roman times becomes clear here. The Romans named the city 'Ulpia Noviomagus', where Ulpia is a reference to the Roman emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus and Noviomagus means 'new market'.

Roman soldiers wore these silver-plated masks during (game) fights, parades, ceremonies and tournaments. During dredging in the river Waal at the beginning of the 20th century, an original Roman mask was found. The real mask is on display in the permanent collection of Museum het Valkhof. This sculpture, made by artist Andreas Hetfeld, is the life-size version of that same mask.

Take a look through the eyes of the mask for a wonderful view of the city.

Het Gezicht van Nijmegen

The Face of Nijmegen
Oosterhoutsedijk 26
6663 KT Nijmegen

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