De Duinen van Goeree
The Dunes of Goeree

The Dunes of Goeree - Goedereede

N 51.835765 / E 3.980877

A holiday near Ouddorp is not only fun for swimmers and sun-worshippers, but also for nature lovers. Near Ouddorp is one of the largest connected dune landscapes in Zuid-Holland. With open parts, but also areas with more vegetation such as the Springertduinen and the Kwade Hoek. The tide, wind and water keep the landscape moving. The nature of Kwade Hoek lies outside the dikes, so the sea is still in control. Especially in winter, the salt water often flows into the land, causing plants such as whole-leaved trees, holly and orchids to grow here.

De Duinen van Goeree

The Dunes of Goeree
Oostdijkseweg 103
3252 LM Goedereede

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T: 035-6559911

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Open 24 hours
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