The Craft and Bailiff House (Voorstraat)

The Craft and Bailiff House (Voorstraat) - Voorschoten

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A number of students also came along during the transfer of the Zilverfabriek from Utrecht in 1858. They were housed as boarders with families in the village. In order to keep the young people out of the pubs during their spare time, director Van Kempen rented a room in the Baljuwhuis. This was where the young people could get coffee, tobacco and beer at purchase price. It also provided newspapers and useful reading materials, they could take drawing lessons, and religious classes were given on Sundays. As the young people got married, the room was less in demand and it was closed.

The Craft and Bailiff House (Voorstraat)

The Craft and Bailiff House (Voorstraat)
Voorstraat 4
2251 BN Voorschoten

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