The Ban pole of Westwoud

The Ban pole of Westwoud - Hoogkarspel

N 52.691707 / E 5.1595458

As a criminal in the Golden Age, you could easily get the death penalty. If you did not, there was a good chance that you would be banished from your village, town or even county. Ban poles were placed in order to mark the boundaries in a conspicuous manner. On the former border between the towns of Grootebroek and Westwoud, now Hoogkarspel and Westwoud, there is a well-preserved ban pole dating from 1754.

On the pole you can see a lion. The lion is holding a shield on which the Westwoud coat of arms is depicted: a barren tree with three birds in its branches. Get off your bike here and fall under the spell of the ban pole of Westwoud.

The Ban pole of Westwoud

The Ban pole of Westwoud
Streekweg 67
1616 AB Hoogkarspel

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