Ruïne Tellingen
Teylingen Ruines

Teylingen Ruines - Voorhout

N 52.2322563 / E 4.5194564

The original residents of the castle were the gentlemen van Teylingen and it provided protection from the Rhine dyke and the road to Haarlem. The gentlemen van Teylingen were relatives of the earl and were mentioned in books dating back to 1143. In 1282 they were distinct and the castle fell to the earl. The Dutch earls used it as a hunting castle and forestry. The vassal received the title of forester which was a sort of administrator. During the eighty years’ war the castle was severely damaged. Teylingen fell in 1572 during the siege of Haarlem and Leiden by the Spanish and Teylingen castle was reduced to ruins.

Ruïne Tellingen

Teylingen Ruines
Teylingerlaan 15a
2215 RV Voorhout

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