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Ter Kwak duck decoy

Ter Kwak duck decoy - Heusden

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A duck decoy is a historical place where ducks were caught for consumption or for collecting feathers. They were often used in older times as hunting grounds.

Duck decoy Ter Kwak is one of the few remaining duck decoys in the Netherlands and has a rich history. The decoy is over 5 centuries old and is well preserved. The site consists of a number of trapping pipes, also known as trapping arms, strategically laid out to lure and catch ducks.

The operation of a duck decoy is based on a combination of natural and human elements. The site usually has a wetland environment with reed beds and other vegetation attractive to ducks. Through catch pipes and a network of ditches and ditches, the ducks were guided to a catch pen.

Today, duck decoy Ter Kwak is part of the protected nature reserve De Hooibroeken and is managed by Natuurmonumenten. The area is home to several species of birds and other animals, including various water birds, herons and birds of prey.

Visitors can sometimes visit the duck decoy accompanied by a guide. During a guided tour, visitors are explained about the history and operation of the duck decoy, as well as the flora and fauna in the area. It is a unique opportunity to learn more about a traditional method of catching ducks and the natural environment in which it took place.

Photo: ©VisitBrabant

Eendenkooi Ter Kwak - ©VisitBrabant

Ter Kwak duck decoy
5256 KP Heusden

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