Statue Elephant

Statue Elephant - Harderwijk

N 52.3476787 / E 5.6189444

The passion of artist Patrick Visser is to bring cold, discarded metal to life and give it energy by processing it into sculptures of animals. He makes works of art with materials that other people see as junk and belongs to the art movement Junk Art: 'Scrap or junk seems worthless, but if you label scrap metal as worthless, then you deny its power through creativity'.

In Harderwijk, he also has a gorilla, a lion and a crocodile. The works of art were actually supposed to be temporarily exhibited in the town, but both the residents and the municipality itself were so enthusiastic that the municipality of Harderwijk bought them and left them where everyone could admire them.

Statue Elephant

Statue Elephant
3841 ET Harderwijk

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