Statue Barmhartige Samaritaan

Statue Barmhartige Samaritaan - Gennep

N 51.7021607 / E 5.970257

Artist Jac. Maris was more or less known for his war memorials. He made, among other things, the Airborne monument in Oosterbeek and the war memorials on Plein 1944 and on the Waalbrug in Nijmegen. In Gennep he made the bronze war memorial the Good Samaritan in 1953. It depicts a male figure on horseback with a wounded warrior. Maris did not want the next of kin to be constantly reminded of their suffering. The artist sees the Good Samaritan as a tribute to the sacrificial spirit of the victims.

Statue Barmhartige Samaritaan

Statue Barmhartige Samaritaan
Niersweg 2
6591 CT Gennep

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T: +31341769098

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