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St Remigius' Church

St Remigius' Church - Baarle-Hertog

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This Catholic church, also called the Belse Church, is located on a Belgian enclave. Therefore, it officially belongs to Baarle-Hertog in Antwerp. The church was a gift from Hilsondis, the countess of Strijen, to the abbey of Thorn, which she herself had founded. This happened in 992.

Throughout the centuries, the church has been considerably restored. The present church dates mainly from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and is a typical example of the Kempen gothic style: sober shapes and brick.

The church played an important role for the Catholics just after the Peace of Münster (1648). The churches were claimed by Prince William II of Orange shortly after the conclusion of this peace treaty. From him, all religious buildings and goods had to be annexed to the Republic of the Seven United Provinces. The chapels and churches in the area of Baarle-Hertog were incorporated into the Sint-Remigiuskerk.

All of Baarle went to this church until 1860, but then a dispute arose between the inhabitants of Belgian Baarle-Hertog and Dutch Baarle-Nassau. They disagreed about the priest's salary. The inhabitants of Baarle-Nassau then founded their own church.

Photo: Visit Baarle

Remigiuskerk - Foto: Visit Baarle

St Remigius' Church
Kerkplein 8
2387 Baarle-Hertog

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T: +3114-699105

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Open 24 hours
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