Rupelmonde country estate
Rupelmonde country estate

Rupelmonde country estate - Nieuwersluis

N 52.1933523 / E 5.004259

On the west bank of the Vecht, below Nieuwersluis, is the 17th century country estate Rupelmonde. The first known owner was Jean de Wolf, a well-known Amsterdam merchant. He called the country estate 'Bereveld', which was changed to ‘Rupelmonde’ by one of the subsequent occupants. That occupant was a Flemish merchant from Rupelmonde near Antwerp. Rupelmonde was a rather austere homestead but was thoroughly renovated in the style of Louis XIV and XV in 1768. The beautiful house is still privately inhabited and not open to tourists.

Rupelmonde country estate
Rupelmonde country estate

Rupelmonde country estate
Rijksstraatweg 24
3631 AC Nieuwersluis

Contact details
T: +31302205534

Not open to visitors.

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