Ruin of Bronkhorst castle
Ruin of Bronkhorst castle

Ruin of Bronkhorst castle - Bronkhorst

N 52.0761574 / E 6.17844239999999

Once there was a magnificent castle here, now only the castle hill can be seen. Bronkhorst Castle was the home of the influential knights of Bronckhorst. They resided here from the twelfth century. Bronkhorst, which has had city rights since 1482, came into being as a settlement on the first castle. The Van Bronckhorst family, which held important positions in the Duchy of Gelre, died out in 1553, after which the castle came into the hands of the Van Limburg Stirum family. During the Eighty Years' War, the castle was set on fire by the Spaniards but made habitable again by the Van Limburg family. The castle changes ownership several times in the seventeenth century, after which the decline strikes in the eighteenth century. Bronkhorst Castle was largely demolished in 1828. The owner at the time, Koopman Ketjenen, left a small part that he converted into a house. In 1902 this was destroyed too, only the hill remains.

The chapel that was founded by Gijsbrecht van Bronckhorst in the town of Bronkhorst is still there. Just like the church in Hall, which has unique paintings that were probably made in honour of the marriage of Joost van Bronckhorst and Maria van Hoya in 1515.

Dag van het Kasteel
Ruin of Bronkhorst castle
Ruin of Bronkhorst castle

Ruin of Bronkhorst castle
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