Rosarium Venlo
Rosarium Venlo

Rosarium Venlo - Venlo

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A rose garden has been created behind Saint Martinus Basilica in Venlo: the Rosarium. You enter the park through one of three entrances, all marked by a rose arch. The park was created when the Hussars of Venlo moved into the Frederik Hendrikkazerne in Blerick in 1913.

After they moved here, the surroundings had to be designed according to the guidelines of the Hussars and architect W.F.C. Schaap. Streets with houses in the architectural styles of the Amsterdam School and De Stijl were built around the basilica, as well as a rose garden with a pond: the Rosarium. A number of rose growers from the region (mainly from the rose village of Lottum) supplied the rose canes for the arches. A nursery from Oudenbosch in Brabant had just launched a new rose variety and supplied the roses for the garden. By 1929, the Rosarium and the Rosarium neighbourhood had been completed.

During the Hussars' years, the pond was used as a watering place and fordable practice pond for the horses of the dragoons, the military order that was also housed with the Hussars. The military also swam in it in summer. The sleekly designed pond can still be found in the park.

There are also a number of statues to admire, including the Seated Girl and the Liberation Monument.

Rosarium Venlo

Rosarium Venlo
Monseigneur Boermansstraat
5911 BB Venlo

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