Molen Rijn en Weert
Molen Rijn en Weert
Rijn and Weert

Rijn and Weert - Werkhoven

N 52.028278 / E 5.24117

The oldest mention of the Werkhoven mill dates from 1395. At that time, the standerd windmill stood near Beverweerd castle and was also part of the property there. In 1921, the mill was connected to the electricity grid. From that moment on, an electric motor provided the power and the mill went quickly downhill. First the sails were removed and in 1933 the cap. During the Second World War, the Germans used the windmill as an observation post. The mill continued to stand sadly without its roof and sails for many years. In 1993, with the help of many volunteers, the mill was restored to full working order and was officially put into operation on 14 May 1994.

Molen Rijn en Weert
Molen Rijn en Weert

Rijn and Weert
Werkhovenseweg 26
3985 MH Werkhoven

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