Landgoed Rheebruggen in de sneeuw
Rheebruggen country estate

Rheebruggen country estate - Uffelte

N 52.7853224 / E 6.2851358

Rheebruggen estate is located near Uffelte. It is an estate situated on boulder clay and sand hills surrounded by wet greenlands. The estate brings a contrast to its surroundings: where the surrounding landscape is mainly open meadows, Rheebruggen is instead a more enclosed and vegetated area.

The name refers to the stream that runs across the estate. Rhee or Rede is in fact a medieval word for 'watercourse'. The history of the estate therefore goes way back: the oldest reports of the area 'Rederbroec' date back to 1382.

In the years that followed, the estate was mainly inhabited by noble families. There also used to be a Huis Rheebruggen, a so-called havezate, but it was demolished in 1835. A number of sandstone ornaments from the manor have been applied to the façade of the farmhouse with house number 8. Thus the noble history is still commemorated.

Landgoed Rheebruggen in de sneeuw

Rheebruggen country estate
Oude Stroomweg 1
7975 PE Uffelte

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