Reformed rectory
Reformed rectory

Reformed rectory - Helvoirt

N 51.6322991 / E 5.2358609

Vincent van Gogh's parents and sisters lived here from 1871 to 1875. Vincent then worked at Art Dealer Goupil, first in The Hague and later in London and Paris. He stayed at the rectory several times in 1873 and 1874. At Christmas or during the vacations he visited. He sketched the reformed church where his father preached. He also made drawings for Betsy Tersteeg, the daughter of his manager in The Hague.

Letter from Vincent in September 1876 to his brother Theo:
"I am already looking forward to Christmas; two years ago, we took that walk in the snow in the evening, do you remember, when we saw the moon rise above Mariënhof. And how friendly Helvoirt and the lights in the village and the tower between the snowy poplars looked that evening, seen from the distance on the road to 's Bosch.”

Reformed rectory
Reformed rectory

Reformed rectory
Torenstraat 47
4268 AS Helvoirt

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