Proosdij of Buveburcht
Proosdij | Buveburcht

Proosdij | Buveburcht - Deventer

N 52.2529348 / E 6.1555131

The oldest stone house in the Netherlands, the Proosdij and now called the Buveburcht, stands in Deventer. Its wooden roof dates from 1130. It was built of trachyte and tuff imported from the Eiffel mountains. This was very expensive at the time that it was only available to a few. Although it is not known who commissioned the construction, we can say with the known information that it must have been a wealthy person.

Before it became a residence, the building served as a gateway to the church area of the city. You can still see some gate elements, with the lower part of the wall dating back to 900.

Over the years, several illustrious names have inhabited the residence, for example the Duke of Alva, Prince Maurice and the Spanish officer De Sandra, who further expanded the house into a grand residence and after whom the alley is named.

Proosdij of Buveburcht

Proosdij | Buveburcht
Sandrasteeg 8
7411 KS Deventer

Contact details
T: 0570-641449

The castle is privately occupied and therefore not open to visitors. Sometimes there are guided tours. For more information, visit the website.

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