Paviljoen 2 ’s-Heeren Loo

Paviljoen 2 ’s-Heeren Loo - Ermelo

N 52.3166667 / E 5.60169444

In the vicinity of junction no. 33, you will be passing the premises of the ‘s Heeren Loo care complex. From October 1944 up to the Liberation in April 1945, the now demolished Pavilion No. 2 served as a hiding place for people to keep safe. The pavilion had a secret room, called the “Ghost Attic”, which was never discovered by the Germans. There was an underground hiding place just off the Groene Allee road.

Paviljoen 2 ’s-Heeren Loo

Paviljoen 2 ’s-Heeren Loo
3853 HM Ermelo

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